The City of Rainsville hires a new animal control officer

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. - "As far as a I know, the first pet control person we've ever had."

There's a new animal control officer in town.

"Going out and looking at dogs that are either vicious dogs or nuisance dogs," says Mayor Roger Lingerfelt.

He'll be patrolling the streets of Rainsville for any stray animals that could cause a potential threat to residents.

"We have worked with or talked to the animal shelter in DeKalb, to be able to carry animals we want to down there," says Mayor Lingerfelt.

They're also training the new officer on how to address the animals.

"We're equipping him with a truck, catch poles and a trap."

If you happen to see a vicious or stray animal in your area, you can file a complaint with the Rainsville Police Department. They will then send the animal control officer to the location.

"We'll pursue that to maybe pick it up or make sure it's fenced or whatever."

This is just another way to help strengthen their new pet ordinance and hopefully prevent attacks.

"We're not taking this lightly. We're going ahead and being proactive towards making it a safer community," says Mayor Lingerfelt.