Rainsville City Council discusses city owned alleyways in between residential properties

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. - Mims, Bowman, and Hicks are three different Rainsville neighborhoods with city owned alleys.

"Some of the residents in town had came to us and requested the alleyways be returned to the owners that a joined it," says Mayor Roger Lingerfelt.

They were originally constructed for the use of garbage pickup. With routes re-worked, they're no longer needed. So owners are wanting the space back.

"They would increase their property, the amount of property they have. They will be able to utilize that property which ever way they want to use it," says Mayor Lingerfelt.

The city council has worked to try to return these slabs of land.

"We're going through the process to make the deeds to do everything to give that property back to them if they want it."

City Council says the land is no longer useful to them.

"The positive side for the city is we're not responsible for the property that's laying behind their house that we can't get to," says Mayor Lingerfelt.

The city is liable for whatever happens on that property as well. So if a tree from the alleyway falls on a home, the city is responsible.

"What I've done is I've opened it up to another public hearing on the 3rd of the month and we'll go through the process again."

Rainsville City Council encourages everyone from those communities to come out to the next public discussion to express any concerns or ask any questions.

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