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Huntsville woman demands answers after friends become hit and run victims

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- A Huntsville woman is demanding answers after her friends became hit and run victims.

Anna Robinson claims investigators aren't doing enough to find out who is responsible because the two people that were hit had been released from the hospital-- alive.

Huntsville Police Department confirms the incident happened around 10 p.m. on June 3 on Zierdt Road.

"I hopped off the bike and started running towards them. I waved my hands that a car was coming but the next second they were in the air," Robinson said.

Before the two people were hit, one of them fell off the back of the bike.

"They were walking back to their motorcycle when a car speeding down Zierdt Road going the same way we were going hit them and never stepped on their brakes," Robinson explained.

Robinson said it was likely an accident but the driver knowingly didn't stop. "I do know for a fact that the car was a 4-door sedan and because it was so dark I want to say the car was silver or white."

She said what's been particularly frustrating is that the crime hasn't been solved. She also feels like Huntsville Police Department could do more.

"We haven't gotten a phone call from anyone about anything. It's kind of sad really. I feel like when they realized that she wasn't going to die, that it wasn't a priority," said Robinson.

She wants investigators and the person responsible to know one thing. "The people who got hit are somebody's mother and father, somebody's sister and brother, son and daughter. What if it was your wife or mother?"

Huntsville Police Department said investigators are actively searching and following up on leads regarding the incident. No arrests have been made in connection with the case at this time.