Flippin’ Fantastic Part Two: Still a Dud!

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- For $15, the Flippin' Fantastic is advertised as being a pancake-loving family’s dream. It’s supposed to make seven perfectly round and perfectly cooked pancakes every time.

We tested it a couple months ago and called it a dud. When the verdict hit social media, a lot of people disagreed. They said we didn't test it correctly! And because we'd LOVE Flippin' Fantastic to work, we did a re-test.

We knew this time around that we needed a professional pancake maker’s opinion, so we went to someone who deals with pancakes all day long.

“We sell thousands of pancakes every week, and that’s a key part of knowing what’s right with a pancake and what’s wrong with a pancake," said Justin Sparks, owner of Blue Plate Café.

Being a dad also makes him the perfect pancake testing candidate.

“Well this is probably my biggest critic right here, Blake, he does a good job of letting me know when the pancakes are right," Sparks said of his son.

And like a true pancake man, the first step is cranking up the heat and adding butter.

Per the instructions, we heat both sides of the product, spray it down with non-stick cooking spray, and carefully start the pancake-making process.

For comparison we pour out a regular pancake without using Flippin' Fantastic to see which method really turns out the best.

“What you can see without the mold is the bubbles on the edges here indicated it’s ready for you to flip," Sparks said. And in just a few seconds our stand alone pancake is ready and perfect.

When we finally flip the Flippin' Fantastic batch...it’s a fail.  The pancake still stuck to the mold even though we sprayed it with a non-stick cooking spray.

Deal or Dud verdict: Still a Dud!