Police investigate multiple break-ins in southwest Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville Police are investigating four different burglaries that happened overnight. Two took place at O’Reilly Auto Parts, one off Bob Wallace the other on Jordan Lane. Another happened at a Raceway off Highway 431, and finally at a Family Dollar located off Triana.

Officers believe they are all connected, as well as connected to a burglary the Madison County Sheriff’s office is working at another O’Reilly Auto Parts location. That brings the total to five different burglaries by the same people in one night.

Officers were called to the Family Dollar on Triana Blvd. this morning after someone smashed in the front doors. Officers discovered the thief took a cash register from the store.

Officers also responded to the O’Reilly Auto Parts on Bob Wallace Avenue. Investigators say the thieves got into the safe in the store and cleaned it out.

Investigators confirm to WHNT News 19 thieves also emptied a safe at the Raceway convenience store on Highway 431 before heading to the Family Dollar store. Officers say the thieves pried the doors open at the gas station.

“Just the fact that it seems like they were targeting safes and ATMs at all the businesses, we do think they are related. They were only able to get away with a small amount of cash at a couple of the burglaries, the other two they didn’t get anything,” said Lt. Stacy Bates.

Lt. Bates said the people responsible stole probably less than three thousand dollars in total, but the damage they left behind is much more than that.

“They do have to make an opening large enough, whether it be through the front doors or through the wall, or through the back to get an AMT machine or a large safe out. So typically they’re going to cause more damage than what they actually get,” he explained.

Based on surveillance video, police are looking for two men who were dressed in all black. Investigators say they were both wearing black ski masks.

Until they are caught, Lt. Bates said the best thing for store owners in the area to do is to keep an eye out.

“The biggest advice we can offer them is just be vigilant, be aware. If you’ve got a monitoring system, whether it be security or whether it be a video monitoring system, make sure it’s in good working order. Keep a constant check on it,” he said.

He said that warning goes out to the public as well.

“If you live in the areas that these happened just keep an extra eye out for us because we really rely on the public’s help anytime we’re trying to solve crimes. Especially crimes like this where we don’t have a lot to go on initially,” said Lt. Bates.

If you have any information on these crimes, you’re asked to call Huntsville Police.




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