Huntsville’s role in the National Museum of the US Army

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The history of the United States Army is the history of our nation and Huntsville is a big part of it.

There will soon be a national museum to honor and represent the army in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

"I'm not sure the nation fully understands the magnitude of what happens here or what has happened here since the 40's," said Retired General and Chairman of the Army Historical Foundation, Gordon Sullivan.

Sullivan is spending time in Huntsville for a big announcement.

"We happen to be building the National Museum of the US Army which will open in the summer of 2019," said Sullivan.

The museum will include artifacts from Redstone Arsenal. General Sullivan says the museum is meant to tell a story.

"This will be essentially showing the American people the full breath and depth of what the United States Army has done since 1636," said Sullivan.

Built by the United States Army and several other organizations, 185,000 square feet of space will house the stories of soldiers and highlight what role the Rocket City has played in the US Army throughout the years.

"I like to come down here because I've been a soldier since I was 17...either in or around the Army and I want people to know that I'm still around and I still appreciate what they do," said Sullivan.

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