Helen Brice knows the road to good health

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Helen Brice knows about perseverance.  She also knows how important it is to keep an open mind, find a good coach, and that ruthless day-to-day consistency will get her to important fitness goals.

Helen’s son was getting ready to enter military service. Dawn Hendricks of 911 Physical Training was coaching him.  After watching her son workout, Helen asked Dawn a question that most assuredly changed her life.

“Do you think I could do that?”

Dawn knew the importance of the question. She also knew the importance of the answer she was about to give.

“Yes. You can.”

Over the course of the next few years of working out with Dawn, Helen’s body changed.   She lost inches and pounds.  For those who want to take the first step toward fitness and are intimidated, Helen has some advice.

“You have to take the first step and start somewhere.  Do the least thing you can and see where you can go. You can do this. We’re all getting older.  The calendar says we're all getting older but how you age is entirely up to you. You can't do anything about age but you can control how you age and exercise is how you age.”

Dawn Hendricks runs 911 Physical Training.  There is one thing she says is important to remember.  When you build muscle and better fitness, sometimes the number on the bathroom scales can be misleading.

“If you are judging success by stepping on that scale you are going to find yourself emotionally feeling not that good about it.”

And that’s because you are building muscle and strength. Muscle and mass weigh more. So Dawn advises those she trains to not focus on the scale.

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