At Redstone Arsenal a soldiers helper goes digital only.

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Redstone Arsenal, Ala. – There’s a storeroom at Redstone Arsenal with the complete issue run of PS Magazine, The Army’s Preventive Maintenance Monthly. “It’s a working library. It’s a museum. It’s a history of the information that soldiers have used to keep their equipment working,” said John Pierce, the Editor of PS Magazine.

The magazine came into existence during the Korean War, after it became clear that soldiers needed help maintaining their equipment. From June 1951 til June of 2017, there’s been a new issue almost monthly. The information inside PS Magazine is serious, and necessary, but delivered with a light touch. “So we put it in this cartoon format, makes it kind of fun, but it gets down into the nitty-gritty where they see what we are getting at. What do they need to look for,” said John Pierce.

In the June issue for instance, there are articles about everything from specifics of vehicle maintenance, to making sure that the automatic guns on Apache Helicopters are correctly lubricated.  The men and women on the staff will continue turning out stories, but from July on, PS Magazine will be digital only.  The PS Magazine app has actually been available for the last year, and use has been growing. The reason for that last item, the soldiers who have been in the field. “Now they’re back home and we’re trying to get them back involved in doing preventive maintenance, and maintenance practices and one of the reasons for the mobile app is to reach out to that young audience in a medium they prefer,” said the magazine’s editor.

What was once on paper, folded and stuck in a pants pocket, will now be available on a smart phone, laptop or Ipad. The medium definitely different, but Army Materiel Command, Chief Warrant Officer, CW5 Darren Cook says the value of what’s in the magazine is the same now as it was when he was a young soldier back in the 1980’s. “PS Magazine served as that resource, the all to, or go to resource for updated information,” said Cook.

Update is a good word to use, because now that PS Magazine is digital, there is no reason to wait a month till publication if the need arrives. A new topic can take a matter of hours to get to soldiers if they updating on a crucial procedure.

Otherwise the look, and the cast of characters is staying the same. Now though, PS magazine, the Army’s Maintenance Monthly will be digital only.