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What to do with your irises after they flower

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Bearded irises are beautiful, showy flowers that come in a whole range of colors and bloom in late spring.  But what should you do after the flowers bloom?

After the flower finishes, it makes a seed pod at the top of the bloom stem.  Once these seeds mature, they will scatter to the bed below and new seedlings will grow.  If you let them mature, these seeds will not be the same color as the original plant that it came from, and can choke the surrounding soil.  So, instead of letting the seed pods mature, take off the entire bloom stem after the plant flowers, as if you're dead heading it.

If you are dividing your iris, which should be done every couple of years, it's best to dig up the entire clump first.  Once you've dug it up, break out your smaller pieces, separating each bulb.  At this point, cut off the top of the leaves leaving about 6 inches to make the moving and transition easier.


With the right maintenance and care, your irises will bloom beautifully for years to come.

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