Limestone County Sheriff’s office hosts fundraiser for Deputy’s wife battling Leukemia

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - A man who puts his life on the line to protect others everyday is asking his community to help save his wife.

Limestone County Deputy Justin Smith is looking for help raising $9,000 for his wife Breanna's cancer treatment.

Breanna is battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia, or cancer of the bone marrow.

Deputy Smith and his wife were born and raised in Limestone County.

"I met my wife in pre-school" Deputy Smith said. The two married shortly after high school.

Deputy Smith says this is his wife's second battle with Leukemia.

"I've got a five year old son. I can't let him see me struggle, can't let my wife see me struggle - so that's one thing that keep me positive" Smith said.

Breanna needs to get stem cell therapy from Vanderbilt, but the treatment is not covered by their insurance company - treatment that can cost up to $9,000.

To help, the Limestone County Sheriff's Office is hosting a BBQ fundraiser on June 16th to raise money for Breanna's treatment. Plates are $12 for a 1/2 chicken, baked beans, slaw, roll, a drink and dessert. Tickets are available form the Limestone County Sheriff's Office. You can reach them at 256-232-0111.

You can also find Breanna's GoFundMe page here.

Deputy Smith says he couldn't get through these times without his work, family, and community. As for his wife, Deputy Smith says she is the strongest fighter he's ever known.