Former Huntsville city attorney, Peter Joffrion, runs for Alabama’s Congressional District 5 seat

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The field of candidates for Alabama's 5th Congressional District race has a new member. Former Huntsville city attorney, Peter Joffrion, is running for the seat.

"We have had division in Washington for far too long. There is too much of an environment of partisanship and I would like to take a nonpartisan approach to government," said Joffrion.

In a news conference surrounded by friends, family and supporters, Joffrion says he's ready to run for the fifth district seat in congress.

"We have working class people who are underrepresented and who don't feel that they're voice is heard," said Joffrion. "I want to represent them as well as the people who work for the research and development companies."

Health care, education and economic growth are among his most important issues. From his experience serving the rocket city for 30 years as Huntsville city attorney, he says he has the skills needed for the job.

Although, he understands the challenges he faces running as a democrat in a red state.

"If I could run as a non-partisan, I would," said Joffrion. "Anytime you use a label that's just an excuse to serve a method of division so it is my hope to be a unifying factor among all peoples and not to use party as a way of dividing us."