Madison County Commission District 3 taking steps to fix a beaver problem

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- Here's something you don't hear everyday. Madison County District Three has a beaver problem. And one Madison County Commissioner said they're doing more damage than you might think in his district's low-lying land.

District Three County Commissioner Craig Hill said beavers are creating some serious havoc in the area.

"During the winter and spring months they come into the creeks and streams. They build dams and it backs the water up out into farm lands, out on to people's personal property," he explained.

Commissioner Hill said it might seem like a small problem to have, but they create flooding that affects more than just land.

"When you look at farmers crops and you look at people's property. Even with the roads and bridges where the dams are built, that affects our roads," he explained.

Hill said he's gotten many complaints about beavers over the six months he's been in office, and the problem has spread.

"When you look at land owners who own large parcels of land, you know that's a large portion of our area and what they're affecting. We realized in the office it was time for us to look for some help," he said.

That's why at Wednesday's commission meeting district three partnered with the USDA to have them come in and dismantle the dams, and eradicate and relocate the beavers. This will be at no cost to the land owners, district three is taking care of it.

"Through district three and USDA we're working to help with a problem that we feel like is important," said Commissioner Hill.

He said they're going to do their best to keep the water flowing as it should be.

If you live in Madison County's district three and have a beaver problem that you need taken care of, contact either of the district three offices and they will handle it. There is one in New Hope and the other is in Brownsboro.