Tropical Cyclone Mora makes Landfall in Bangladesh

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Tropical Cyclone Mora made landfall in Bangladesh early Tuesday morning and is tracking straight north. Six people have died since Tuesday morning’s landfall, likely due to high winds knocking over trees. Now nearly one million people are expected to be evacuated from the southern coastal regions of Bangladesh.

The storm developed over the Bay of Bengal just two days prior to making landfall. The storm’s maximum sustained winds hit close to 75 mph, which would make it the equivalent of a category one hurricane. This is the second storm of the Indian Ocean’s tropical cyclone season.

The image below, which was captured by NASA’s Aqua satellite shows the center of the storm over Bangladesh, while the edges extended westward to India and eastward to Myanmar.

Our own tropical cyclone season is fast approaching too! The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially begins June 1st. Now is a good time to go back and review our preparation tips before the season gets underway.