Remember to move over for first responders– it’s the law

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - With school out and vacations in full swing, there are bound to be more drivers on the roadways. You may not have to look out for school buses, but you always have to look out for first responders.

"When we're out there on the side of the road and we're taking care of someone who is sick or injured, ya know, we need to focus on taking care of that patient," said HEMSI Field Supervisor, Kenneth Burke.

The "Move Over" law serves as a reminder for drivers.

"It's applicable in all 50 states and it's there for the responders safety," Burke said. "Unfortunately, there are responders nationwide who do get hit by traffic on the roadways."

In Alabama, the law requires drivers to get over in the next lane, if possible and do so safely. If you can't, the law says to slow to at least 15mph less than the posted speed limit.

"It's not just HEMSI, it's police, fire, anybody on the side of the road really," Burke said.

Having the public comply with this law helps first responders do their job and do it effectively.

"It keeps our guys and gals safe," Burke said. "It helps them for their safety, the safety of the scene as a whole."

Burke said it can be difficult to focus on a life or death situation when they also have to dodge cars on the side of the road.