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Police search for woman accused of scamming elderly woman in Decatur

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DECATUR, Ala. - Decatur police are asking for your help identifying a woman accused of conning a senior out of her money. They also want to remind you not to become they next target.

Decatur police want to question a woman they say is accused of taking advantage of someone's kindness.

Police say she talked the victim into giving her money.

"We had an elderly female approached by another female, on the property of Walmart. This female began telling her stories, tugging at her emotions and it sounded believable," explained Sgt. Justin Lyon of the Decatur Police Department.

Police say she talked the victim into giving her money.

"Their bank account and things like that were involved. The promise was that 'I need x amount of dollars to get a larger sum.' Unfortunately this victim fell for this scam," said Sgt. Lyons. "We're asking for help identifying this person so we can interview and possibly bring charges."

Decatur investigators have seen a spike in these types of scams -- with a common target, and remind the elderly, or anyone caring for the elderly to remain vigilant.

"There are a lot of people out there that if there's money to be obtained they will stop at nothing to accomplish that," said Sgt. Lyons.

And police want to remind you that due to elder abuse laws, taking advantage of people over 60-years-old can be a felony.

"We have extremely strict laws in Alabama, there's a heavy price to be paid if you're found guilty of committed guilty of committing these offenses. Especially those with abuse or financial exploitation"

Anyone who can help identify this woman is asked to contact Decatur Police at (256) 341-4600.

Investigators also say that if you are approached by someone with a similar story, even if you don't fall victim, you should report it to the police so they can investigate.

The BBB stresses that most scams today have red flags and you’ll know right away it’s not real.

If you think you are a target of a scam, or want more information contact the WHNT News 19 Better Business Bureau consumer action line at (256) 850-0719.