UK Native speaks out about Manchester attack

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Trevor Cole is a local business owner in Huntsville, originally from England.

“Manchester was two hours away and obviously famous for it’s football. But now in the news today, they’re famous for the wrong things,” says Cole.

The terror attack in Manchester on Monday night, is something Cole says those in the UK have come quite accustomed to.

“When I was a youngster, the IRA was very prevalent, and there was bombing and blowing up Harrods,” says Cole.

But the recent attack is one that has really concerned Cole. CBS News reports the accused suicide bomber was the son of a Libyan refugee.

“So we bring refugees in when they’re being treated wrongly in Libya and now 20 years later, that family has procured a terrorist,” says Cole.

It’s a concern he says that carries over to the United States.

“Personally I think we have to look at immigration and keep a close eye on the immigrants that we do allow in and how we handle them once they do get in,” says Cole. “We can’t point fingers at individuals but I think we have to make sure we give [immigrants] an environment where they can live and prosper and do well and we don’t procure these terrorists.”



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