This mini heat sealer does the job, but isn’t worth the intensive labor

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This As-Seen-On-TV mini heat sealer is a small and portable device that can restore an already opened bag to its airtight-sealed state.

The way it works-- it has a battery operated coil that heats the material it comes in contact with.

You simply slide the device along the opening of any bag, peel off the excess material, and the end result is an airtight seal.

Or at least it’s *supposed* to be that easy.

We found it’s not as user-friendly as advertised, but it works to an extent. It's never a pretty seal.

The product commercial also shows the sealer being used to provide a protective cover for papers, however, this was a lot harder to do in person.

We also found that melted plastic would get stuck to the coil, so it has to constantly be removed during use.

But the final, ultimate test -- is it really as airtight as it claims?

We test it with liquid and find that the airtight seal isn’t necessarily a guarantee.

It’s very labor intensive, not user-friendly, and takes a lot of work for a not precise seal.

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud