Madison County man concerned over unsafe mailbox location

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HARVEST, Ala. - For most of us, going to the mail box is a simple task. But for one Madison County man it feels like taking a chance on his life.

He's begged the post office to move it to the same side of his house. After numerous failed attempts, he called us to get answers.

Albert Hollmann has lived on Jeff Road for 10 years.

"We don't get the mail everyday just to cut down on the amount of times we cross Jeff Road. Sometimes the mail is packed in the box," said Hollmann.

Hollmann said he's reached out the the postmaster multiple times, and each time he's been blocked.

"Said no after a safety committee from Birmingham came and surveyed the scene. So, I've always been told no," he said.

The post office told him there's numerous reasons why they can't move his box.

"That's not the route they normally travel, that they don't want to pull into my drive and pull back into Jeff Road," explained Hollmann.

He said they also cited cost as a reason, but he doesn't buy it.

"I think that all mailboxes should be on the homeowners side of the road, that it is a safety issue. It's safe for everybody and you can re route the mail carriers route to deliver mail," he said.

An employee with the post office in Harvest told WHNT the decision on where a mail box can be is based on the safety of the mail carrier and the line of travel.

We've learned that since we interviewed Hollmann postal officals are now looking into his situation.

The United States Postal Service said it couldn't respond formally Wednesday.

Officials said they will respond by Friday after further investigation.