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Local groups petition city to change Becky Pierce Municipal Golf Course into a multi-use trail park

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  The Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League has 4 youth mountain biking teams in Huntsville.

“We’re limited on where they can practice because we’ve had to use the existing trail system that we have,” said Mary Anne Swanstrom, President of SORBA Huntsville. Which they are very grateful for, but they’re hand-built, and don’t meet the needs of all age and experience levels.

SORBA Huntsville, NICA and The Huntsville track club have been wanting a multi-use trail system together for years, but have waited for the right opportunity. Which they believe is now. That’s because the Becky Pierce Municipal Golf Course isn’t being used.

“This would be a prime spot- centrally located for so many people to be able to enjoy,” said Swanstrom.

Brice Johnston estimates it will cost the city roughly $250,000 to transition the golf course into a trail. A change that they say would pay for itself, because of mountain bikers coming to Huntsville from around the region. “We would have folks come in and spend money, eat at our restaurants, stay and drink our craft beer," said Swanstrom.

So what would this park look like? “A few pump tracks in mind, dirt jump lines ranging from small to progress on up to man-made features that you would hit and jump off of,” said Brice Johnston, SORBA member.

But this park isn’t just for bikers. “There’s 6 miles of paved cart paths for families with strollers or little ones on smaller bikes," said Swanstrom.

So they’re hoping everyone will support their proposal. “It’s okay to hear from 10, 15 maybe 50 cyclists that they want a bike park, but if they see the whole community is wanting something they may be more inclined to get behind it,” says Johnston.

The groups will be speaking to the Huntsville city council on Thursday night. They ask that anyone who is interested in the possibility of a multi-use trail system, to please come out.

There is also a petition for you to sign in favor of the park.