Jackson County Fire Marshal prepares campers and boaters for the Memorial Day weekend

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - "Any place that you have a pillow, where you're going to sleep sometime, you should have a smoke detector."

It's not something many think about before they take their RV or camper out for a weekend.

"You treat them just as you would treat an apartment or a house or any place that you go to sleep at night," explained Chuck Bryant, Jackson County Fire Marshal.

It is important to test your mobile home's smoke detector, along with other items that can pose a safety hazard.

"You should check that you don't have any gas leaks if you're using propane gas. Check for leaks on that. If you use that for your appliances, your stove, your hot water," said Bryant.

Because, like any other home, your appliances can cause possible fires.

"Make sure you don't leave cooking appliances on. Most of these RVs and campers do have stoves in them. Make sure you turn them off. Don't store combustible materials close to any open flames."

And always keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

"We recommend ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers which cover a wide range of fires and they're the most versatile and they're also as inexpensive as a fire detector is," said Bryant.

Taking the time to prepare before hand, could save your life.