Health Matters to Mary Brenner

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Mary Brenner is an extraordinary person.

She knows about resilience and perseverance.

Originally trained as an architect, she changed boats in mid-stream so to speak to become a registered nurse.

Now she helps moms with their newborns working from 7 PM to 7 AM.

She has a family.

On top of all this, she decided to work out and lose weight.

She has lost almost 70 pounds.

When she sleeps I’m not sure.

The motivation to lose weight and take charge of her health came in an uncomfortable moment in an auditorium.

“I was still carrying that weight from that pregnancy. I felt sluggish. I felt bloated. Felt disgusting and that turns into that being unhappy.  I decided to go back to school and decided to become a nurse.  When I was there sitting in the auditorium … I couldn’t fit in the seat.”

And the message she wants to convey is that anyone can do this when they decide to take the first step.

“Sometimes the hardest thing is take the first step. Get angry.  Get determined and get off that couch.  Even if it's a walk to get the mail or walk around the block.  Just do something.  No matter how small.  And the next day do it again. In a week or two do it twice. See how it feels.  You don’t have to go from not exercising to I have to go do three miles. You don't have to do that you can start slow.”

Mary works out at Planet Fitness.   Again, we’re not sure when she sleeps, but Mary is a great example of someone who took charge of their health.


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