Google Fiber expected to create economic growth for city of Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Google Fiber is no longer just an idea for the City of Huntsville. For those neighbors in north Huntsville, Google Fiber is now available.

"It'll make a big difference," Dustin Timbrook, a commercial videographer, said.

Timbrook and Molly Kitts are both new Google Fiber customers. Kitts said this is big news for Timbrook.

"I think Dustin's excited because he'll be able to upload and work with video at faster speeds," Kitts said.

Google Fiber CEO Greg McCray said this means convenience for customers.

"It means a lot more speed,"  First of all you can maintain TV and phone, but in terms of the Internet, is much, much greater. One gigabit of speed both upstream and downstream, it's so fast you can't understand it til you actually see it."

Mayor Tommy Battle believes this means endless opportunities for growth.

"Fiber to the home gives you a whole subculture of work-ability, and jobs," Battle said. "People can work from home and can ship their product from anywhere in the United States, and get their product shipped back and work on it."

McCray said he's watched economic development in other cities.

"There are studies that say about 1.1 percent increase in GDP quickly happens after a city builds a gigabit speed fiber network," McCray said.

McCray said that equals about a quarter of a billion dollars in economic growth. Now, the company sets its sites on Huntstville Utilities' next move.

"Wherever they build for the rest of Huntsville, we're going to be right behind them offering service to the homes and businesses," McCray said.

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