A tile from Cosmic Christ

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There is something touching, and reassuring, about taking something old and historical when offered.

Huntsville First Baptist Travis Collins pastor Travis Collins said “People do love the mosaic. When people heard the tiles were coming down the outcry was you can’t do that … until we explained we are redoing it.  We aren’t taking it down. It’s a face-lift.”

When Cosmic Christ, affectionately dubbed Eggbeater Jesus, was dedicated in 1974, 1.4 million tiles made up the iconic image.  But it wasn’t long after that the tiles started to fall.

On Tuesday night, anyone that wanted a tile from Eggbeater Jesus got one.

It was a process that amazed Collins.

“I didn’t think anyone would come. But at 5:15, it was supposed to start at six, people were already coming in.”

The new Cosmic Christ will have more tiles and colors.  There are just a few dozen colors now. But the new image will have several hundred.  Also, the new image will have over four million blown glass tiles.

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