Family reacts to relative being charged with family member’s murder

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Today the Madison County Sheriff's Department held a press conference in response to the fatal stabbing of Twan Lanier Carter that happened in Harvest Saturday morning.

Deputies arrested 44-year-old Muriel Lolan King Sunday evening. He was booked into the Madison County Jail on charges of murder.

Lt. Brian Chaffin says King was on probation and violated it at the time of the incident and because of this charge he's not eligible for bond.

Family member Angela Carter-Keir was on vacation when she found out her brother-in-law Twan Lanier Carter was dead. "I was shocked, I offered to come home early, but my daughters told me they were fine," Carter-Keir explained.

The suspect Muriel Lolan King is related to both Twan Carter and Angela Carter-Keir. Carter-Keir said she doesn't have a strong relationship with King. "I only spoke to him on prison calls, when he would call up here," Carter-Keir explained.

She said Carter's wife, children, and grandchildren are in mourning. She said King hasn't reached out to the family and no one wants to speak to him.

She said everyone is taking Carter's death one day at a time. "Cause unfortunately it had happened and it can`t be changed now," Carter-Keir said.

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