A reunion to remember for Butler grad

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Graduation season is here. High school seniors will make their way across stage to get their diploma. Down the road, some of those items and memories will be tucked away in a box or a drawer.

We all have boxes full of memories. I found one recently that I'd packed when we renovated our newsroom. Inside, photographs of my daughters that had been on my desk, old promotional pictures of when I still had the moustache and a girls high school ring. I have no idea where it came from but it found its way into my hands.

You can clearly see S.R. Butler High, 1985 and the name Lisa on the ring. The initials LMF are engraved on the inside. I headed straight to the internet and it didn’t take long to find Lisa Michelle Forbus, Butler High class of ’85. I found her on Facebook too and contacted her, telling her only that I thought I had something that belong to her.

Lisa and her husband Jeffrey came to the station but neither knew what was about to happen. She proudly held up a t-shirt from her 30th year reunion. She told me about still having her yearbooks and her class of 85 memory book.

But a piece of her past was missing, her high school ring. “I lost it a long time ago,” she said. “My grandmother took me to Zales Jewelry and said I want to give you a class ring,” she recalled. So when Lisa lost the ring more than 30 years ago, she was heartbroken.

That’s when I pulled the ring out of my pocket and handed it to her saying, “It looked a lot like this one.” Lisa looked at me and then down at the ring and was speechless. She realized she was holding a piece of her past that she lost more than 30 years ago. Her husband smiled saying, “That`s your ring.” You could see tears starting to well up in her eyes. “That`s my ring. Oh my God,” she said.

It was a reunion to remember. “Oh my gosh,” she said as she admired the ring and put it on her finger. It meant even more to get it back because it was a gift from a woman who worked hard in the Butler High School lunchroom. “I’m very blessed. I’m happy,” Lisa said wiping away her tears. “I miss her though but she’s still in my heart.” And now, Lisa can be reminded again of how proud her family is of her being a member of the Butler Class of ’85.

The ring was found in some bushes outside our station years ago. Lisa says she may have lost it during one of our open house events around 1995. Jeffrey graduated from Lee High in 1984. Lisa lost his high school ring about the same time she lost hers. We didn't find his though but we told him we’ll keep looking.

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