City of Huntsville presents award to Lowe Mill for local significance

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The city of Huntsville presented a "This Place Matters" award to Lowe Mill on Thursday morning.

It's the fourth and final award for national preservation month.

"Today we have something that is unique for the world. Nobody else has a mill with this many artist working in it," said Mayor Tommy Battle.

Battle said Lowe Mill is the cutting edge of adaptive reuse.

It's small businesses like Pizelle's Confections that make Lowe Mill a special place.

"Having our business here and being able to get juried in here has been a dream and just the most perfect fit that we could imagine," said Michelle Novosel.

The mayor said Lowe Mill gives a lot to the community.

"Just being surrounded by the character and history of Lowe Mill and all of it's past workers. The artists around here on a daily basis is amazing," Novosel.

Jim Hudson came up with the vision for Lowe Mill 15 years ago, and couldn't be more happy with the outcome. ​

"I think it's a great concept and I'm so excited with what's happened. It's been a long haul 15 years. In the last couple of years it​'s really tipped over and everything is going on," said Hudson.