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Check out these 3D Selfies and find out what it means to “get doobed”

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Doob is one of a handful of companies across the country creating 3D figurines. These replicas come alive, with so many details, down to the wrinkles in your jeans.

“This is me 360-degrees it’s amazing to me that I can share this with my daughter,” said Doob client Heather Stern.

She got her first Doob when she was we 38 weeks pregnant with her daughter.

Now it’s an annual tradition for the family.

The process starts once you step into the Dooblicator. In a split second, 54 cameras capture every angle, then the images go to a factory. They’re 3D printed inside a special powder.

“This is a full moment in time 360 degrees of who we are at this moment,” said Stern.


The 3D selfies aren’t cheap. They range from $95 to $695 depending on how large of a figurine you want.