This nifty, silicone cake mold just might change your baking game

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This silicone cake mold claims to be the ultimate baking buddy. It advertises making it easier to create a variety of different shapes and sizes of cakes, without leaking or sticking.

And to test it, we wanted to bake a uniquely-shaped cake.

"I think I’m going to make a dog bone, which doesn’t make a lot of sense because I’m a cat person, but ya know, we’re going to try it," said WHNT News 19's Christine Mitchell.

We shaped the mold into a dog bone, and mixed the cake ingredients per usual before pouring the batter into the mold.

Everything was going well, until the batter caused the shape to unravel. The cake batter is too heavy for the mold, so you can’t stick the mold on in a certain shape, pour the cake batter in and have it stick.

We tried again, alas, the dog bone could not be reshaped. But we still baked the cake to know whether the silicone cake mold held up to its other promises.

Even though it wasn't in the funky shape we were aiming for, the cake came out perfectly backed. The batter definitely stayed inside the cake mold really well. And another pro that is advertised about the cake mold, it was easy to remove from the cake and is very easy to clean. No mess. No flipping pans over.

After rethinking the shape not holding up, we realized that we had sprayed the foil before setting the cake mold down. Maybe the oil caused the the mold to slide out of shape more easily? Perhaps we'll have to bake another cake for retesting!

Regardless, the silicone cake mold still makes for much easier cake baking in many other ways, and several different shapes can still be formed.

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal

UPDATE: Baked another cake, used the same shape but without the baking spray, and ended with the same results. The shape did not stay once the batter was poured in.