Tears of joy for Mrs. Schubert at Asbury Elementary in Albertville

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. -- Looking for a learning environment that's both educational and interactive?

Look no further than Mrs. Schubert's first grade class at Asbury Elementary School in Albertville.

Lots of smiles in Mrs. Schubert's first grade class at Asbury Elementary School.

Principal Jean Wilks described the passion Schubert brings to the school. "How enthusiastic she is about teaching and how she brings that enthusiasm out in the kids as well," Wilks said.

"She is very energetic with her students. When you walk in her room you are going to see she will be in groups, she will be at a table probably more than likely doing group work with them and other kids will be in stations doing different kinds of things so she is very interactive with her kids."

We asked how this Tools For Teachers winner would react upon hearing the good news.

"She is probably going to cry. She is going to be excited and her kids are going to be excited," Wilks said.

It was a definite surprise for this first grade teacher.

"I didn't even know I was nominated,"Mrs. Schubert said.

WHNT News 19's Ben Smith shared a portion of the nomination.

"Their parents said you helped their son immensely and they just love you," Smith said.

"Your ultimate goal is to touch a child's life and the fact that you know that it was a enough for a parent to notice. It's just so hard to describe. It's beautiful and I am so thankful. I can't thank you enough. And I can't thank the parents enough," Mrs. Schubert emotionally expressed.

Tears of joy to win $319!

"I am so excited to be part of kids' lives there is just nothing more in this world that I want to do. These are my babies."