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Students plant community garden to help Colbert County residents

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – What started out as a dream is now firmly planted in the ground.

Tucked away next to the school buses, rows of vegetables are staked off. It’s the FFA Club’s community garden – a project by Colbert Heights High School students.  Sophomore Desiree McDaniel came up with a vision for the garden last fall.

Desiree McDaniel, Colbert Heights High School

“Tragedy, natural tragedy, was striking all around us and my mom always told me charity starts at home,” McDaniel explained.

So she went to work getting fellow FFA members and school administrators on-board. In April, students tilled the ground, planted seeds and now pluck the weeds.

“It’s always, you’re in the same building all day long, and it’s refreshing to get outside; even if you are going to get a little dirty,” stated McDaniel.

And this garden is community driven in every sense.

Adam Ball, Colbert Heights High School Instructor

Agri-Science Instructor Adam Ball said people can come out and help take care of the garden. They can also help themselves to what is grown here.

“This will help out any one up here in our community or surrounding communities,” said Ball. “If they are hungry come up here and get it; this is what it is planted for.”

And the garden teaches some major lessons to the students; that of sowing and reaping and how hard work can pay-off.

The FFA Club at Colbert Heights High School said they plan to work the garden throughout the summer.