Major party candidates solidified for special election of US Senate seat as qualifying deadline passes

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The qualifying deadline for both Democrats and Republicans looking to run for US Senate has passed, and the list of candidates has been finalized by the parties.

The special election, to be held this December, will fill the senate seat that Jeff Sessions vacated when he became Attorney General. Senator Luther Strange currently holds the position and will run to keep it.

The list of candidates for the Republican Party includes:

Roy S. Moore
Dom Gentile
Randy Brinson
Mo Brooks
Bryan Peeples
Mary Maxwell
Joseph F. Breault
Luther Strange
Trip Pittman
James Paul Beretta
Karen Haiden Jackson

Notably absent from the list are Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, who had publicly considered running, and Representative Ed Henry, who had already announced his run, but tore up his paperwork in a news conference minutes before the deadline.

The list of candidates for the Democratic Party includes:

Will Boyd
Vann Caldwell
Jason Fisher
Michael Hansen
Doug Jones
Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Brian McGee
Nana Tchienkou

The primary will be held on August 15th.