For the Army Facebook can be fun, and a threat too

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Redstone Arsenal, AL-Security is a big deal at Redstone Arsenal. For one thing, it takes proper credentials to even get on base. In some buildings, like Army Materiel Command Headquarters, you can't use your cell phone. Keeping America's secrets, secret is always job one. "If you stay on top of the threat, and you understand the threats and how they're being utilized. It's a very real threat that we are tracking every day," said Dawn Dunkerley, the Chief of the Cyber Division at the Army Materiel Command.

The threat she's talking about is Facebook. Amid the relationship news, recipes and funny videos there's real possibility that not every Facebook friend is actually...friendly. "Individuals  can use those trust relationships that we have to try to gain access to that information of people for various criminal or espionage purposes," said Dr. Dunkerley.

Concern about social media a big reason the Army Materiel Command's Cyber Division's Chief, Dawn Dunkerley doesn't use sites like Facebook "When you do this every day, you certainly look at things a little differently," said Dunkerley.

The Army understands that many people, civilians and soldiers alike, do use Facebook, and that's why there are helps and guides to make sure that proper care is taken to make sure that social media isn't misused. "We have to as soldiers, civilians and contractors, understand that every time you sit down in front of your computer you enter into a congested and contested environment, and understanding that these platforms are used by people who would try to do us harm for various reasons," said Dr. Dunkerley.

Dr. Dunkerley's advice for better Facebook security includes not posting things about work, or the people you work with. Also you should check your settings often, tot make sure they are set for private and not public. Finally she advises Facebook posters to keep it light, and keep it clean.