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Brindlee Mountain High School’s Lion Ambassadors cultivates young leaders

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. -- They might be teens, but a group of Marshall County students are taking on an adult role in their community by acting as a voice and face for their school. The students are a part of a program that's a step toward their futures.

A group of students sit gathered around a table insideĀ  Brindlee Mountain High School. They aren't there at random."We were given a basic interview, we had to write an essay," explained senior Jada King.

The seven sophomores, juniors, and seniors make up an asset implemented this school year.

They're Lion Ambassadors.

"We act as the voice of the student body," King said, "We hear what the students have to say, what changes they want and what their opinions are."

The Lion Ambassadors relay that to the administration, creating a bridge between students and faculty. The students also give tours of the school to younger classes and visitors.

The program is a replacement for Student Council, and it takes the ambassadors off campus.

The ambassadors helped with the Veterans Day program and visited local businesses. "It's really been great for me because it's really given me an opportunity to practice my leadership skills and to expand on those skills," said senior Meredith Mosley, " I've also had a chance to meet a lot of people in the community as we walk them through the school for different events."

Lion Ambassadors cultivates skills and experiences that smooth the transition from one step of their lives to the next. "I want to be someone who talks and listens to someone," explained senior Tabetha Marsh, "I want to be a psychologist. So, it's definitely given me what I need to be able to handle talking to someone and listening to someone and taking action."

The seniors in Lion Ambassadors say they wanted to leave a legacy and tradition behind, and felt the program was a good way to do that.

The Lion Ambassadors will change next year, giving a new set of students new opportunities.