Gubernatorial candidate David Carrington says Alabama is “in a mess” and offers to clean up

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The field of candidates for next year’s governor’s election in Alabama is expected to be crowded.

The Jefferson County Commissioner, David Carrington (R) is already running for the state’s top spot.

He says the main issue for Alabama as he sees it, education, and like many things in the state, that issue revolves around the budget.

“What’s interesting about our budget is a lot of things that come out of the education budget are not education. So we sell from Peter to pay Paul. I’m not so sure that if we made the other funds stand on their own that we don’t have enough money in the education budget. It’s the kind of thing that I hope to use my business background to sort out.”

Carrington says that he knows what he’s in for if he is elected governor.

“I’m a county commissioner, and when we were elected there was a mess and now it’s in much better shape. The state’s in a mess and we’ll see if we can go down to Montgomery and clean up the mess.”

WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson sat down with Commissioner Carrington for this week’s Leadership Perspectives. Watch the full interview here:




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