Marching to remember Veterans

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Retired Army Major, Jeff Hilt, and one time Army Chaplain's assistant, Shirley Zange didn't serve together. They do however have one major thing in common. They care about their fellow soldiers, the veterans out there seeking care from the Veterans Administration, and appreciation from the country for which they sacrificed. "I think it's time for us as Americans to stand up and fight for our veterans," says Shirley.

She and Jeff are both part of the organization behind the Alabama portion of the Veterans March on America. It's coming on May 20th, and Alabama is one of some 20-states participating. It really will be about not forgetting those vets who have problems.. "I don't know the inside story, but they went and they committed suicide, and that broke my heart. I believe that everybody has a right to get the help they deserve, especially a soldier," says Shirley Zange.

The Veterans March on America is about the veterans who are home, and the ones who will be coming home. Some will have medical or emotional problems, or a combination of both of those things. These two organizers of the march say the need for the event won't be going away, and it won't be symbolic. "Yes, it is the beginning of the movement to actually taking action. Again, this is where the talking stops and the rubber hits the road. Where we start and say hey, here I am. We need your help. Help us out. Help us, help us," says Jeff Hilt.

The Alabama section of the Veterans March on America is set for Saturday, May 20th at 1:00 PM at Marconi Park in Birmingham. The Address is 2400 7th Avenue, North.

There is no admission charge. Jeff and Shirley want to emphasize that this march is intended to be peaceful.