Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies help parents, caregivers properly install car seats

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Parents want to protect their children as much as possible, especially when they're riding in a vehicle. That desire prompted Rocket City Consignment and Madison County Sheriff's Deputies to offer free car seat safety checks in front of the consignment team's business on Saturday.

Dianne Judson of Rocket City Consignment loves this time of the season. It's when the consignment store, located at 1008 Jordan Lane, opens for a 10 day period.

"We receive product all year round, and set up a store all year round, but we only open once a quarter," Judson said.

Judson always has assistance from deputies, but on Saturday, she asked for some additional help.

"It's just sometimes hard to keep up with the latest information, so it's nice to have a second set of eyes and someone who really is an expert at it," Judson said of having the deputies help in installing car seats.

Deputy Dan De Jong is happy to help families properly install their car seats.

"Almost 80% of car seats are either utilized improperly or installed improperly," De Jong said. "It could be something minor and it could be something major. But, that's what we're here for is to help give you that peace of mind."

Deputies also use these events to talk to their neighbors.

"We're not here just to put bad people in jail, we're also here to keep people safe," De Jong said. "That's the primary goal is the public safety piece."

Besides answering questions and securing car seats, deputies also want people to pay attention to the temperature this time of year.

"Maybe put something important that you have to have before you leave the vehicle maybe next to them, that way you don't accidentally forget that you left the child in the car,' De Jong encouraged.

Providing a service people like Judson proudly support.

"We absolutely love what we're able to do for the community," Judson said of both the car seat service and the consignment project.

Madison County deputies also remind everyone if you have any questions about your car seat or installing it, just call the office at (256) 722-7181. Deputies said they have people on their team who are certified through the state to help secure car seats in your vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds everyone to choose a car seat based on child's age and size, and one that fits your vehicle.
Always check in with your specific car seat manufacturer's instructions for height and weight limits. This will also instruct how you install the car seat.

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