Community Members Protest the AHCA

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Only five people showed up to a protest today to oppose the health care bill. But for these protestors the numbers don't matter.

They want their voice to be heard, because they all have personal reasons as to why they don't approve of the new health care bill. Huntsville resident Gina McGill just finished her chemo treatment after getting breast cancer.

"With the type of breast cancer I had, I`m at an increase risk for developing ovarian cancer, as matter of fact my risk increased to 50 percent," McGill explained.

She said the language in the current health care bill says she has a pre-existing condition. "So that`s why I stand here, because I represent many woman who have breast cancer. We count and we matter," McGill said.

McGill is just one of millions across America who are critical of the new health care bill. Decatur resident Mark Griffin is too. He's currently on Obamacare and has two kids on Medicaid. His kids have pre-existing conditions.

"My son has down syndrome, which would be considered a preexisting condition. My stepdaughter has cerebral palsy and autism. Which is also a pre-existing condition, which would make insurance impossible for them to get," Griffin said.

McGill and Griffin are also upset with some area representatives for their support of the health care bill. "It`s like okay, we don`t care about you. We don`t care if you die, and that scared me," McGill said.

The bill is now off to the Senate to be voted on.


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