Governor Ivey signs bill into law allowing faith based agencies to refuse same-sex couples

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill into law that's intended to protect faith based adoption agencies this week.

Critics believe it's discriminatory because it allows faith based agencies to refuse same sex couples.

However, there are other options for those who want to start or grow a family in Alabama.

"They can obviously seek out an agency that is not faith based," said Amber James, the founder of New Beginnings Family Law in Huntsville.

She said there are a number of non faith based adoption agencies across the country that are available to match couples.

"They can also adopt through DHR if they are willing to adopt an older child," explained James.

International adoption is something couples can also look into. However, James said same-sex couples may run into a road block.

"International adoption may be difficult because several countries require that the adopting couple be a husband and wife in a more traditional sense, a heterosexual couple," said James.

For those who don't want to adopt, James recommends recommends exploring artificial insemination.

"So, using donor sperm either through a sperm donation agency or a friend or someone that they know that they would like to have as the father of their child," said James.

She said it's an option that is cheaper for those who can have heir own child.

"And so it could be more expensive for a male same sex couple versus a female same sex couple where one of them could carry the baby," said James.

James recommends doing research to find out what option is best for your family.

She said it's best to contact a lawyer or agency once you figure out what road you want to go down first.

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