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Wendy Gorham’s family is still looking for justice after missing for 3 years

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. - April 18th,  was the last time Wendy Gorham's family saw her.

"She didn't come pick me up for church on Sunday and I felt it. I just knew something wasn't right because she was going to be there," said Jessica Kuykendall, Wendy Gorham's daughter.

Days went by and the family continued attempts to contact her.

"She wasn't calling anybody back. I mean nobody and I finally went and made a missing persons report," said Kuykendall.

A week later police found her missing Honda on County Road 630 near Mentone, but Wendy was still no where to be found.

"There's two ladies that live at the end of the road and they said they've seen my mom a couple of times in two different vehicles."

The family doesn't know why her car would be in this area.

The Fort Payne Police Department conducted a search and collected items from the car still no progress has been made.

Three years later and they're still working.

"And they say they've not given up. It's just went cold because there's no evidence," said Kuykendall.

Wendy Gorham's family continues to do all they can to assist in finding her as they wait for more information.