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Mohawk Industries buys former Beaulieu Fiber Plant

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BRIDGEPORT, Ala. - "It's great, great news for Jackson County."

After the closure of Beaulieu, Jackson County officials immediately got to work finding another industry to replace it.

"In the beginning of March we began working with Mohawk and Beaulieu to try to facilitate a sale to this new company, Mohawk and we were able to make in work," said Shelia Shepard, interim President of the Jackson County Economic Development Authority.

In just eight weeks, Jackson County officials secured the world's largest flooring producer.

"This particular facility will be making carpet yarn. They are going to come in and completely modernize it. Invest quite of bit of money in it to make it one of the world's first class type of facility," said Shepard.

Mohawk industries also plans to replace the jobs lost from Beaulieu's closure.

"Mohawk plans on bringing those back and continue to adding as they get the plant up and running and more modernized."

Many were concerned about the loss of jobs in Jackson and the state of its economy, but this sale turned things completely around in just a few months.

"That's just very unusual for it to happen that way. Usually when you have a layoff, it takes a long time to replace those jobs and build the economy back up. So we're thrilled that it happened this quickly."