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Horse Trainer Reacts to Redstone Arsenal Saddle Club members being forced to move their animal

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CULLMAN, Ala. — Horse trainer Amy Smith knows a lot about horses. She's heard about the situation happening with The Redstone Arsenal Saddle Club.

She can't comment specifically on the situation, but knows the dangers of moving horses around.

"There are dangers associated with the immediate transitions from stall to pasture settings. There are some issues from a medical stand point and some from behavioral too," Smith explained.

Smith said medically horses can develop founder if they over indulge on grass or grain.

"There's a bone in their foot that is attached to the outer shell structure that can rotate and come separated if they develop founder.  Horses that have been in a control setting, like a stall with access to forage and then released into fresh nice spring grass pastures can develop founder," Smith said.

Saddle Club members are worried about finding a new home for their horses and Smith said horses are like people. She said not all horses get along and it's hard to find a good barn.

She said their current situation is unfortunate.