Closet at Monrovia holds free shopping day for summer

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MADISON, Ala. -- School's almost out for the summer, and with the weather getting warmer it can often call for some new clothes. But, for some families that can be a financial burden. That's where the Closet at Monrovia comes in.

In a single day, the closet at Monrovia serves around 500 families. The church ministry holds free shopping days twice a year for anyone facing financial stress. With summer approaching, they know it can be hard on people.

"No questions asked, no strings attached, if you need clothes then hopefully we have something that will work for you," said Bryan Bates.

Bates is one of the directors for the Closet at Monrovia. He said since first opening their doors in 2012, they've given away over 65,000 clothes.

"It's important to us because we are called to give. That's the example that Christ set, is to help when you can and help how you can. So that's what we are trying to do," he explained.

For Liberty Roof, she said the closet ministry helps more than people realize.

"Some people have kids, some people have families that they just can't afford all of it for. So things like this where you can go and get clothes for free that are actually really cute and really fun, is just honestly a blessing," she said.

And while they serve everywhere, the Monrovia Church of Christ recognizes there's a need in their own community.

"Mission work is not just overseas, or out of the U.S, it's in your backyard. There's always people who need help," said Bates.