Soldier makes heartwarming appearance at Autism Walk in Decatur for a young man

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DECATUR, Ala. - A group of families hosted their own Autism Awareness walk in Decatur on Saturday.

The event featured families from all over Decatur showing up to bring awareness to children with autism, and the difficulties of raising a child with autism.

For Mallory Hosmer, the walk gave her son a chance to meet one of his idols - An 'army man', as he calls them.

11-year-old Connor Hosmer has autism, and is infatuated with army men. His mom says he's got buckets of the toy soldiers.

He desperately wanted one to show up to the walk, and told a random man. Little did he know, that man was Private Billings.

Private Billings, dressed in full uniform, showed up to the walk- just to make Connor's day a little more special.

Connor isn't able to perceive reality, so he didn't realize Private Billings was the man he'd met earlier, and instead thought he was one of his toy soldiers that came to life.


Billings stuck around the walk to talk with the kids, and answer all of their questions.


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