Drivers travel to Huntsville for Teen Driver Safety Course

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – According to the Tennessee Valley Region Sports Car Club of America, car crashes are the leading killer of American teens aged 15 through 20. They said more than 5,000 teens are involved in a fatal crash each year and an additional 196,000 are injured.

To help cut down on those numbers Tire Rack Street Survival offers a driver safety course around the country and one was offered in Huntsville.

21-year-old Mary Beth Chadwhick traveled from Orlando to take the course. "I haven`t been a very confident driver, and I just wanted to gain some more skills," Chadwhick explained.

She said after taking the course she's more of a confident driver now. "I learned how to safely handle situations that can be scary and can cause you to go into a panic, but learned how to work through it," Chadwhick said.

Instructor Alan McCrispin said the experience is something most people don't get in drivers education. "The school has a real curriculum that we teach too. It`s not just a bunch of guys in the parking lot telling you to slam on your breaks and do stuff that`s goofy," McCrispin said.

He said the course teaches drivers the potential of their vehicles and how to use it. He said it's exciting to see the young driver finally get it. "It is absolutely wonderful to see a light bulb come on and all of a sudden they`re like wow I really understand what I did," McCrispin said

Chadwick learned exactly what she came for and said she feels like a more confident driver.

Tire Rack Street Survival is open to licensed and permitted drivers ages 15 to 21. Forms, schedules, and more information can be found online at The cost is $75 per student and some insurance companies offer premium discounts to graduates. Tennessee Valley Region SCCA will offer another course in Scottsboro in June. Click here for more information.

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