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Rainbow Elementary student named a hero by her peers

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MADISON, Ala. - Every child has a hero, their mom, dad, a service man or woman. On Friday, every elementary school in Madison chose one to honor.

To these kids, a hero is simple. It's their teachers, parents, even two servicemen were honored for their bravery after fighting for our country.

But one of the 7 heroes picked had a different kind of battle to fight.

Sydney Cunningham was named a hero by her peers at Rainbow Elementary

“She is encouraging and motivating,” said one student.

Sydney Cunningham is a 5th grader at Rainbow Elementary School. “Unfortunately Sydney is unable to go to school because she’s been diagnosed with a form of cancer called leukemia,” said another student.

She’s their hero not only because of the battle she’s facing, but because of the friend she continues to be.

“She’s just an important part of our lives,” said the students. “She was the first person that wanted to be my friend. So that’s why I care about her so much, because she cared about me so much.”

She may be their hero. “They like to check up on me a lot.” But the impact they make on her life is just as special. “I’m glad that I have real friends like them,” said Sydney.

Representatives with Liberty Learning tell us it’s very rare for students to pick a peer.