Rain or Shine, Stay Weather Aware with Live Alert 19 at Panoply 2017

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"Panoply it is at the end of April and any event in April there is that threat of rain," said Daniella Perallon.

Panoply is a rain or shine event.

"You just grab an umbrella or poncho. Many of the activities inside the festival are tented. So, you can just get under a tent chat with an artist to wait it out or go to the face painting tent or one of the other activities to still enjoy the festival," said Perallon.

Arts Huntsville is in constant contact with the National Weather Service during Panoply. In fact, representatives from the weather service are at the event.

"If it is the case of a severe weather warning, if there is tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning, that is when we do shut the park down," said Perallon.

65,000 to 75,000 people are expected to attend the festival this weekend. Arts Huntsville's first priority is keeping attendees safe.

In the event there is a severe weather threat, it's all hands on deck.

"We do shut the festival down our volunteers and staff and those safety partners go around the park that they do need to leave the park and seek shelter," said Perallon.

Live Alert 19 is the official weather app of Panoply. You can download it here.