Food Bank of North Alabama experiences low donations during spring

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Spring time brings warmer weather and blooming flowers... all good things, you would think. Although, for the Food Bank of North Alabama, it's a difficult time.

"So many of our partners would prefer to get food at the Food Bank, but if they can't get food at the Food Bank, then they go out and buy food at the grocery store," said Laura Fincher with the Food Bank of North Alabama.

That eats up a lot more of their money -- limiting the amount of people these agencies are able to feed. Keeping the Food Bank full and available to those who need it is a year-round effort.

"In the summer, we often receive many food drive products because of the Stamp Out Hunger Letter Carriers Food Drive. In the fall, many workplaces, up through the holidays -- they do their big food drives all throughout the fall and into the winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas," said Fincher.

Those are seasons when the Food Bank does its best. Although, quickly after, they are usually feeling the pressure.

Families are still hungry, needing assistance. The Food Bank said canned food is always accepted, volunteer groups are welcome and monetary donations go a long way.

A $1 donation can equal five meals for the Food Bank's partners. If you'd like to get involved, visit