UPDATE: NWS Huntsville finds EF-0 tornado damage near Skyline in Jackson County

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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Huntsville AL
248 PM CDT Mon Apr 24 2017

…NWS Damage Survey for 04/22/17 Tornado Event- Update 2…

.Update…Updated to include the Skyline Tornado event.

.Overview…NWS and EMA survey teams found evidence of an EF-1
tornado near Jones Chapel and straight line wind damage near
Battleground (Cullman County); an EF-0 tornado in the far western
side of Franklin County, Alabama, about 5.5 miles north of Red
Bay, and a microburst near Phil Campbell; and an EF-0 tornado
near Skyline (Jackson County).

.Skyline Tornado…

Rating: EF-0
Estimated Peak Wind: 85 MPH
Path length/Statute/: 2.19 Miles
Path width /Maximum/: 200 Yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Start date: 04/22/2017
Start time: 540PM CDT
Start location: 3 SW Skyline
Start Lat/Lon: 34.79 / -86.15

End date: 04/22/2017
End time: 545PM CDT
End location: 2 S Skyline
End_lat/lon: 34.79 / -86.11

Survey Summary:

NWS Huntsville survey team, in coordination with Jackson County EMA and UAH, found
evidence of an EF-0 tornado near the Skyline area. Damage indicators in the form
of extensive softwood tree damage (uprooted or snapped) were found in the vicinity
of areas north of CR 17 and east of CR 79.

North of CR 17, west of Manning Dr., several trees were snapped looking into
the valley on the south face of Fork Mountain. Damage continued in 150-200 yard
path through Manning Dr. which uprooted several trees in a noticeable convergent
pattern (E to ENE). Peak winds of approx. 85 MPH were observed at this location.

Several trees were uprooted or sustained large limb damage east of Manning Dr. toward
CR 79. The vortex of the tornado appeared to begin to shrink and decrease in strength
near CR 79. A few uprooted trees were noted east of CR 79 in the vicinity of Gizzard
Point Rd.

It is worth noting that some areas outside of the path, mainly to the south, experienced
some tree damage as well. Based off radar signatures, and orientation of debris, this was
caused by straight line winds adjacent to the tornado.

.Western Franklin County Tornado…

Rating: EF-0
Estimated Peak Wind: 75 MPH
Path length /Statute/: 5.6 Miles
Path width /Maximum/: 720 Yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Start date: 04/22/2017
Start time: 331 PM CDT
Start location: 5.5 N Red Bay
Start Lat/Lon: 34.5184/-88.1365

End date: 04/22/2017
End time: 342 PM CDT
End location: 3.5 NNW Burntout
End_lat/lon: 34.5024/-88.0410

The tornado appeared to develop just east of the
Alabama/Mississippi state line in Franklin County, AL. Heavy tree
damage was noted at the start point which was consistent with a
tornado debris signature and velocity couplet on KGWX radar,
which was about 5.5 miles north of Red Bay, AL. The debris
signature tracked east over heavily forested area that was not
accessible by vehicle. Additional heavy tree damage was located
near the end point which was consistent with the last debris
signature seen on KGWX radar. Satellite data has been requested
and will be used to analyze the remainder of this track but
confidence is high enough in the velocity signature, the tornado
debris signature and the damage to declare an EF-0 tornado. The
majority of the tree damage consisted of small to medium sized
trees snapped, branches twisted with one or two trees uprooted.

Additional damage data was taken over the Mississippi state line
in Tishomingo County and after analysis by forecasters at NWS
Memphis, additional information may be added to this survey.

.Phil Campbell Microburst…

Estimated Peak Wind: 95 MPH
Path length /Statute/: 0.58 miles
Path width /Maximum/: 620 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Start date: 04/22/2017
Start time: 408 PM CDT
Start location: 3.6 WNW Phil Campbell
Start Lat/Lon: 34.3639/-87.7709

End date: 04/22/2017
End time: 410 PM CDT
End location: 3.35 NNW Phil Campbell
End_lat/lon: 34.3681/-87.7612

Extensive tree damage was noted on the west side of Highway 43,
about 3.6 miles west-northwest of Phil Campbell, AL. Along the
east side of a creek running parallel to the highway, multiple
trees were snapped along with multiple medium to large trees
completely uprooted. This continued southward on Highway 43 for
approximately 0.58 miles. All trees were noted to generally be
laying towards the north-northeast. Tracking southwest from this
location, an additional tree or two snapped or fallen were noted.
Given the radar data and evidence of a microburst, the start
location was the southwestern most location with the winds
spreading northeast, ending on Highway 43 as little to no damage
was seen on the east side of the highway.

.Jones Chapel Tornado…

Rating: EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind: 100 MPH
Path length /Statute/: 4.39 Miles
Path width /Maximum/: 200 Yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Start date: 04/22/2017
Start time: 540 PM
Start location: 2.5 NW Jones Chapel
Start Lat/Lon: 34.24/-87.08

End date: 04/22/2017
End time: 555 PM
End location: 1.6 SE Jones Valley
End_lat/lon: 34.18/-87.04

Survey Summary: NWS Huntsville and Cullman County EMA survey team
determined a 200 yard swath of damage adjacent to widespread
straightline wind damage was attributed to an EF-1 tornado. Max
winds were estimated at 100 MPH.

The tornado appeared to develop near the intersection of CR 1043
and CR 1047 where roof damage to a farm house was noted. The
tornado continue near CR 1043 and uprooted several trees before
heavily damaging a farm structure west of the CR 1043 and CR 1082
intersection. Sporatic tree limb damage was noted between CR 1082
and CR 1039 north of Jones Chapel. South of Jones Chapel, several
chicken houses were severely damaged by the tornado before
dissipating near the CR 991/992.

Convergent damage from the uprooted trees north of Jones Chapel
coincided with a tightening rotation velocity gradient from KHTX
which led to the conclusion that a tornado touched town.

.Battleground Straight Line Wind Event…

Peak wind Estimated: 105 MPH
Path length /Statute/: 3.5 Miles
Path width /Maximum/: 2400 Yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Start date: 04/22/2017
Start time: 540 PM
Start location: 3.3 NW Jones Chapel

End date: 04/22/2017
End time: 555 PM
End location: 1 E Jones Valley

Survey Summary: NWS Huntsville and Cullman County EMA survey team
found a large swath of straightline wind damage in the
Battleground area. Significant soft and hardwood tree damage was
noted near CR 1082, CR 1055, and CR 1087 area. Damage appeared to
track south of Jones Valley through CR 988. The wind swath was
approx. 1.5 to 2 miles in width and max winds were estimated at
105 as 2 large barn structures were complete destroyed near CR
1087. Nearly all damage was oriented to the ESE, which was the
general storm motion.

EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale Classifies Tornadoes into
the following categories.

EF0…Weak……65 to 85 MPH
EF1…Weak……86 to 110 MPH
EF2…Strong….111 to 135 MPH
EF3…Strong….136 to 165 MPH
EF4…Violent…166 To 200 MPH
EF5…Violent…>200 MPH

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event and publication in NWS
Storm Data.



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