Demolition of JC Penney at Madison Square Mall to begin in the coming weeks

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - One project in Huntsville is getting a lot of attention and that's MidCity, on the site of the old Madison Square Mall. If you pass by, it may look like a pile of scrap metal, but development is well underway.

The city of Huntsville is approaching year three into the redevelopment of Madison Square Mall, and Urban Development Director, Shane Davis said things are starting to take shape.

"We're finally to the point to where new things are starting to be placed on the ground, new roads and the park is being currently grated with the first portion of the lake and of course, Topgolf is coming out of the ground very quickly," said Davis.

Demolition of the mall is about 80% complete, making the idea of MidCity easier to imagine... behind all the recycled material.

"Aluminum, steel and so on and so forth," said Davis. "We're grinding concrete and re-using that on site where we can and so we've got about another month of that."

While there is a lot of demo going on, you might notice JC Penney is still standing. Although, Davis said it's to save money on demo costs, where they can.

Most of the demolition inside JC Penney is almost done. Davis said we can expect to see the outside of the JC Penney building come down in the next few weeks.

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