Holly berries give a beautiful show in springtime

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One of the main reasons that people like to plant holly in their yard is for the beautiful berries, which are bright and vibrant in the spring.  There are a couple things to know if you want to have holly berries in your yard.

First, make sure that you have a female holly to make berries.  Without a female plant, there are no berries.  Without a male holly, some females won't produce berries, so it helps to know what variety of holly you have.  To tell if your holly is male or female, look closely at the flower.  If you see the beginning of a berry, it's a female.  If there is no berry in the center, but instead the plant has a prominent stamen, it's male.

Hollies bloom on last year's stems, so if you're going to prune your hollies in the spring, be careful that you aren't pruning off stems that have blooms.  If you prune off blooms, you're pruning potential berries.

So, start with a female plant, possibly have a male to pollenate, and reduce your pruning.

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